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Transformer components and accessories

DEWE AGENTURER has a wide range of litz wires:

The use of wires and cables reduces loss due to the skin effect. This assures improved electrical efficiency of the windings working in high frequency or in low frequency with harmonic rates. It is possible to choose the litz wire according your specifications: choose: diameter of the strands, number of strands, number of enameled layers (Gr1 or Gr 2) and thermal class F or H. There is also the possibility to choose one or more layer of covering, or no layer at all, along with the material of the covering.
There is the possibility to choose both step distance and lay direction (clock wise and counter clock wise). The option of choosing either a round cross section or a square cross section is also available.

Other transformer components and accessories include:

  • Transformer laminations
  • C-cores
  • Toroidal cores
  • Ferrites: big and smal sizes: toroidal cores, U-cores, rods, also blocks and custom design
  • Carbonyl iron magnetic cores and other details also winded
  • Coil formers
  • Boxes,protective housing, metal parts
  • Clamp
  • Clamping ribbon
  • Frames
  • Copper foil: enamelled, insulated or annealed etc.
  • High temperature cable
  • Metal wire: supplied in different diameters starting from very thin: silver-platinum and gold thread etc.
  • Trippel insulated copper wire
  • Air wound coils