Our worldwide network, including world leading manufacturers, makes us a perfect partner for our customers when it comes to finding standard parts and custom made solutions.

Insulation materials

DEWE AGENTURER supplies insulation material for electric as well as thermal (up to thermal class C) and chemical insulation. For ease of application flexibility is a required characteristic. We can assist you to select the material, punched parts or sheets,that are best suited for your applications from a wide range of insulation materials including:

  • Presspahn
  • Polyester
  • Nomex
  • Kapton
  • 2 and 3 layered material
  • Paper bakelit
  • Cotton bakelit
  • Glas fabric bakelit
  • Mica, supplied in powder, flakes, washers or other parts
  • Micanite

Other insulation products:

  • Tapes: adhesive, polyester, glass fabric thermal class A-C
  • Heatshrinkable sleevings
  • Sleevings: Glass fiber, Polyester, Silicon rubber thermal class A-C
  • Silicon rubber products – New product

For EMI applications: elastomers which are made of metal particles in Silicone with great techniques for compounding and controlling shapes. The products have high conductivity and excellent shielding and sealing effects. They are Halogen free, have heat-resisting properties and are RoHS compliant.

Supplied as: sleevings, washers, tubes, molded products, sheets, connector gaskets, washer gaskets, extruded products and custom made parts.

Combined products: dyad conductive silicone elastomer: sleevings with inner core of silicone and outer conductive silicone elastomer. Conductive double extruded elastomer: made of silicone rubber and conductive silicone.

Other rubber products: Noise absorbing products: excellent suppression effect of radiation noise from 10 MHz to 13 GHz band, flexible and easy to handle, can be manufactured in many shapes, sizes and thickness, also RoHS compliant.

Thermal pad: thermal sheets are soft and flexible elastic thermal pads made of silicone material. They have high thermal conductivity that can easily radiate heat outside of the electronic equipment, used for heat spreader. UL94V-0 and RoHS compliant.

Special products: Conductive cushion pad, silicone sponge, conductive foam gasket, conductive film (EMI shielding sheet).